Keep Your Grass Looking Green All Summer


Fertilize 30 days after installation, then re-apply every 5-6 weeks after that. Try to fertilize on dry grass and not in the heat of the day. Do not over fertilize, apply evenly and the correct amount.

We recommend a fertilizer mix of: 14-16-10 or 20-20-10 or any balanced 'turf starter' mix. (The middle number helps grow roots.)


The roots should be attached to the soil after 10-14 days. Gently try to peel up an edge to check. The initial mowing can be done at this point. Raise the blade on your mower to avoid catching any edges.

Frequent mowing discourages wild grases and weeds so don't let your lawn get too long. A height of 2.5" to 3" is healthy.


Prevention is key!

The best way to control weeds is to keep the grass healthy - by watering, fertilizing and mowing. Watch for the appearance of weeds and wild grasses, they can come from air born seeds, topsoil, animals, birdfeeders, streets/sidewalks or your neighbors yard.

Visit a reputable garden centre for products to eliminate them.